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Football Manager's presentation underwent a major overhaul a couple of years back, but the problem of presenting so much information clearly without the need for dozens of screens remains. The Overview screen addressed this, and this year it’s been made more powerful for players running the game at higher screen resolutions. The higher the resolution, the more info boxes you can fit on the screen. As before, you can choose which boxes you want displayed, allowing the main screens to be customized with the information you want to see at a glance. We've all been there. That moment of clarity as you see a lightsaber effortlessly slice through a stormtrooper for the first time and think, yes, this is it, this is what I've been searching for, my whole reason for being. I want to be a Jedi. As those childhood dreams manifested themselves as swordfights with broom handles and plenty of amateur "zchoom" sounds, or even some ill-advised Jedi cosplay in later life, there was always the hope that one day maybe, just maybe, we'd all be swinging lightsabers for real. Sadly, the world's scientists have been spending their time trying to cure things like "diseases," rather than creating an elegant weapon for a more civilized age, so we just have to make do with the next best thing. The co-op scenarios recycle some of the same ideas: grabbing objects and returning them to a dropship or escorting a little bot as it rolls forward, for instance. But the level design prevents tedium from being a lengthy visitor. In a maze of walkways, a heavy may appear, zapping you with electric bolts and preventing you from moving and shooting. Elsewhere, you snipe teleporting agents from above while your buddies charge the expansive hangar below. The most powerful foes have chips to extract, which are used to enhance your performance, just like in the campaign. But that corpse--and his chip--won't last forever. You need to get to it quickly if you want to reap its benefits, which is a neat challenge in the later missions. Striking the ball in World Invitational bears little resemblance to the real sport. Instead of flicking the stick to mirror your club's movement, you simply tap the button a few times to determine the power and accuracy of your approach. It's a pain-free system that doesn't make any pretenses toward realism, yet doesn't skimp on the small details. All of the tangential elements of real golf are realized here, so you still have to contend with swirling winds, sloping greens, torrential rains, and other variables to ensure your head stays in the game. Hitting the directional pad in concurrence with your button taps lets you add a hook, slice, or backspin to avoid hazards, and putting everything together takes time and practice. In the days of yore, before Pong and the Fairchild Channel F, people looking for competitive experiences in the comfort of their homes amused themselves primarily with tabletop board games. Nowadays, we live in an age of electronic games, but this hasn't decreased the appeal of traditi

The cartoonlike visuals and seemingly impossible tricks of old have been replaced with a more gritty visual style and pure, fast-paced street football. FIFA Street is satisfying to play and almost as impressive to watch, despite something of a steep learning curve to master the intricacies of the game. As you might expect from the first of what will likely be many DLC packages for the new Microsoft Flight franchise, the Hawaiian Adventure Pack plays it safe. There is a good deal of content at a reasonable price, but this expansion adds more of the same types of missions from the original game rather than branching out into new territory. The add-on is recommended if you enjoyed the free original game, however, even if it is on the bland side, because it adds a tremendous amount of new territory, airports, and jobs to take on as you build your piloting qualifications. Being able to explore such a large region makes this a decent expansion, but Hawaiian Adventure doesn't offer enough interesting additions to make it a must-take trip. There is a rudimentary story that serves as your motivating force, and its brevity would make it easy to ignore in similar games, but its slapdash implementation reverberates through every element of this adventure. For reasons that are never explained and make absolutely no sense, Waylon Smithers robs a jewelry store. In his sloppy getaway, he crashes into the Simpsons family, Maggie ends up with a diamond replacing her pacifier, and Smithers nabs the infant as he flees. So, if you're curious why Bart would hit Binky with his skateboard or Lisa would snap her jump rope at a wrestler, there you go. That still doesn't explain why Marge would throw Snowball II at an inflatable Krusty head, but you'll be far beyond caring at that point. Noted poet Thomas Earl Petty once told us that the waiting is the hardest part, a lesson that is painfully taught once again in Stronghold 3. The Firefly Studios game of medieval micromanagement may have been a long time coming, since Stronghold 2 was released back in 2005, but despite the years since and the opportunity to do something different, Stronghold 3 sticks close to its predecessor's template, offering up more slow-moving gameplay that sees you doing more waiting and watching than constructing a Middle Ages empire. What could have been a good city builder has been buried under this design flaw, not to mention other serious issues with bugs, mission repetition, a tutorial that doesn't do much tutoring, and simplistic combat. The only new features in 101 American English Idioms to WRC are the Super Special Stages and the bonus Group B class. Super Special Stages are the only tracks that take place on purpose-built circuits. The course is timed as with normal rally stages, but two drivers compete head-to-head starting at different points on the circuit and overlap halfway through. Super Specials add a touch of excitement to the action, but they don't appear until several hours into the 101 American English Idioms to WRC, and the rest of the game's stages are carried over from the previous game. The new Group B class features the notoriously high-powered rally cars of the 1980s that were banned on safety grounds. Unfortunately, the Audi Quattro, the most iconic Group B vehicle, isn't featured in WRC 2. You won't often be bothered by such visual quirks during Syndicate's thrilling cooperative missions, however. Four-player co-op is challenging and exciting, a fantastic mix of shooting and special abilities that requires actual cooperation and communication. In place of flaccid pacing and weak storytelling, you get barrages of bullet


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